Outstaffing and human resources

When you might require outstaffing: Advantages.

Businesses often require the services of additional employees. To manage employee retention in your organization, you would typically need:

  • A payroll accountant
  • A lawyer
  • An HR specialist

Instead, we propose utilizing our outstaffing service. By opting for this service, your business can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing without the hassle and cost of maintaining a full-fledged department. Outstaffing offers a more cost-effective solution! The process of hiring and retaining employees can be complex and time-consuming. Let us help streamline your operations and alleviate the burden of paperwork for your business.

Need to remove people from staff? Outstaffing is the best solution!
  • Official registration of personnel
  • Protection of the employer during personnel checks
  • Saving money on tax payments
  • Removal of liabilities from the company for labor disputes with staff
  • The company can remain in the "small" format
  • Reduction of reporting and time spent by accounting and lawyers


Layoffs have helped many Ukrainian and international companies not only survive the crisis, but also increase profits and improve operations. This is a significant reduction in reporting and time spent by accounting and lawyers.

We offer:

  • hiring your employees to our staff
  • official registration, labor record books
  • calculation of wages, bonuses
  • distribution and accounting of funds on corporate cards
  • taxes payment
  • reporting
  • vacations
  • sick leaves
  • alimonies
  • maternity leaves
  • labor contracts
  • transfers, dismissals
  • personnel records management
  • resolution of labor disputes in court
  • obtaining work permits for foreigners
  • etc.

Save business resources. Leave the registration of employees to professionals.


  • Corporate law
  • Intellectual Property

    Copyright and related rights, domain names, franchising, patents, trademarks and commercial names, trade secrets.

  • Real estate and construction
  • Practice of dispute resolution
  • Taxation
  • Labor and employment