Staff Recruitment

The main value of each company is a motivated and efficient staff. Thus, the recruitment is a very important and thorough work.


Why do you need our help?

Your recruiter or HR Manager is overwhelmed? There is no one who can manage the recruitment? Just ask our professional team to help you, and we will find an ideal candidate for you in a week or two. 

Have no responses to the ads on job portal? Candidates don’t fit or reject the proposition? We know everything about the labor market, salaries, and business. Thus, we can provide you with the professional consultation, determine the causes of your recruitment campaign failure, and close the vacancy.

Our specialists spend on the recruitment 100% of their time, so they will cope with each of your tasks promptly.

The key employees work on the strategic tasks of the company, so they have an impact on the market and the employer’s brand. The replacement of such employees has to be confidential, and we will gladly help you with that.

To hire the employee that now works for your competitor you have to make a research and pick the right time to make a job offer. Having a huge contact base and knowing everything about the market, we cope with this task with ease.

The staff recruitment requires a lot of efforts of TOP and HR Managers which they could put into performing their job duties. To save these valuable resources just assign this task to us!

How can we help?

We will recruit for you:

We have a huge experience in recruitment, and up-to-date base that includes more than 200 000 professionals. Therefore, we apply the most effective methods of the candidate evaluation.

Only the most experienced specialists who have been working in recruiting for 10 to 15 years, professional HR Managers and Business Development Managers are responsible for the search of candidates for the TOP manager positions.

We authorize just the best IT recruiters and narrow IT experts to work in this demanding field. Our IT Recruitment Department will close even the most difficult to fill vacancy promptly.

The recruitment of narrow experts is a difficult task. However, using our detailed database our consultants manage it without any problems.

This kind of recruitment requires a lot of time and a high speed of searching. Our team of experienced recruiters will provide you with a constant flow of the picked professionals with ease.

Everyone has to follow their nature. Entrust the recruitment to the professionals.”

Special services

As a rule, IT specialists have LinkedIn profiles. We have gathered more than 70% of them, and keep gathering new ones on a regular basis. Also, we can provide you with the unique opportunity to collect the Ukrainian IT professionals' views concerning your company and discover the level of their interest in your vacancies. This tool helps us to close any vacancy without a hitch.

If you don't recruit staff regularly, or you can't afford the full-time agency service, you can hire the professional recruiter for one hour, day, week or month. Our recruiters have all the resources to help you: the narrow experience, access to our database and job-platforms accounts, mobile connection, and comfortable workplace.

The staff management system could require an evaluation or adjustment at any stage of the company development. We will help you create and optimize the system, develop the HR Policy and strategy, implement HR processes and procedures, train your employees, develop the indicators of HR Department work efficiency, and ultimately build the corporate culture.

Conditions and Guarantees

All the employees hired with the Archers help are covered by the guarantee for 3 to 6 months.

We thoroughly check all the recommendations that were given to our candidates.

Archers is a trustful company which is confirmed with the recommendations and positive reviews.

The price of our service varies from the one salary of the employee that will be hired to 20% of their yearly salary budget. It depends on the difficulty and urgency of the project.


How to find a job?

If you want to get the greatest job offer, just send us your CV and specify your expectations. We will contact you as soon as we get the appropriate project.

Take a look at our list of open vacancies. If you find the suitable vacancy, send us your CV. If your goals and expectations match the employer’s requirements our consultant will contact you. While working on a certain project we always provide customers with a prompt feedback. Despite the results, our cooperation will not be over.


* sending us your CV you expressly give us your consent to your data processing according to the Law of Ukraine “On personal data protection”, and you expressly give us your consent to that the term of your data processing is unlimited.