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Search technologies

  • Recruitment

We use recruitment technology to provide the search of linear managers who stay in active search without applying special requirements to them. The technology considers use of the Internet and mass media.


  • Executive search and direct search

This is the primarily technology that we use when the candidate is not in active search. The important research of the significant companies-players and key-specialists on the market is accomplished when fulfilling this technology.


  • Headhunting

This technology is used in case our client is interested in the specific specialist of the specific company. One of the significant moments is the work intensiveness and considered time and lots of different resources expenditures. The strict confidentiality is a must.


Assessment technologies


  • Structural interview

This method is used with all of our candidates and considers a special list of questions and tasks to reveal the main required specialist`s skills and competencies.


  • Key competencies interview

We use this way of assessment in order to detect the extraordinary and unique candidate`s skills and credentials.


  • Psychometric assessment

This is method of psychometric research of key-managers` personal qualities when this fact of the whole assessment process is the most crucial one.